Special Offer 1: Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis without Parasitology and 30 minutes Consultation $397- list price 997

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Special Offer No 2: Gut Immunology – Sig A Assessment Only + 30 Minutes Consultation – $197- list price 497

Your Gut Immune System Sig A is your first line of defense in the GI mucosa against viruses, parasites, and pathogens
By boosting Sig A to a healthy level you are helping your body defend against COVID-19, bacteria, yeast, and pathogens

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Digestive Health Center is offering a number of flexible no interest payment plan options to assist you with taking care of your health in these challenging times.  Please call 650 856 3151 or e-mail christine@digestivehealth.center for more information

Your test kit includes everything you need to complete the test in the privacy of your home

The test is a complete picture of how your digestive system is functioning and what needs to be done to help you achieve lasting results with your digestion and your health

 Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis includes:

  • Expected/Beneficial Flora
  • Complete Microbiology/Bacteriology Culture
  • Commensal/Imbalanced Flora
  • Dysbiotic Flora
  • Yeast Culture and Microscopic Yeast
  • Comprehensive Parasitology/Microscopy
  • Giardia/Cryptosporidium Immunoassay
  • Digestion/Absorption Markers – Elastase, Fat Stains, Muscle Fibers, Vegetable Fibers, Carbohydrates
  • Inflammation Markers
  • Lactoferrin, Calprotectin, Lysozyme, White Blood Cells, Mucus
  • Secretory IgA
  • Short Chain Fatty Acids, including Butyrate and Total SCFA’s
  • Intestinal Health Markers – Red Blood Cells, Ph, Occult Blood
  • Complete Bacterial Susceptibility Assays for Natural Antibacterials and Prescriptive Agents
Research shows that EMF causes immune system changes

Your microbiome contains 90 percent of your immune system

A healthy microbiome is the best defense against viruses, such as the coronavirus.. Test Your Gut Today!


Christine was working at Stanford University.
She was getting ready to follow the path of becoming a primary care practitioner.
At about that time she was working in cardiovascular surgery with some colleagues on a research project.
What Christine noticed was that she kept seeing the same names popping up.
Because in many cases, patients were having repeat heart bypass operations every couple of years, with a very high cost of medical expenditure and quality of life for these patients.
She also noticed that, even though their arteries were repaired temporarily, and their lives saved, most patients came back year after year, saying that they had never received any nutritional or lifestyle information.
All of them had continued as before in the way they were eating, which was consuming foods that were causing their issue to begin with.
Christine said to herself, “there has to be something more”.
She decided she wanted to help people, not only to prevent cardiovascular disease, but also to ensure that when the patients received their surgery discharge, that they received information on critical nutrition factors.
So she started working with the functional medicine clinics in San Francisco, combining the best of both worlds; the functional medicine world and the world of medicine.
Which lead her into functional nutrition and functional medicine care.
Her focus shifted to treating the root cause of people’s illnesses.
Which lead her into the magical universe of the microbiome.
Believe it or not, the microbiome is in every cell of your body.
So it’s kind of important (slight understatement) to your health.
And a large part of your microbiome is in your gut.
Moreover, your gut contains 80% of the body’s immune system and what we also know is that EMFs suppress your immune system (hundreds of studies support.)


The Comprehensive Digestive Analysis from Doctor’s Data Laboratories takes 14 business days from the time your samples are received by the lab.

The In-home Leaky Gut/Permeability Urine Assessment takes 7 business days from the time your sample is received by the lab

The test provides a state of the art functional assessment of your digestive system including complete bacteriology, mycology, yeast culture, digestion  and absorption markers, inflammation markers, Immunology (SIG A) Assessment, Short Chain Fatty Acids and all Intestinal Health Markers including Occult Blood

  • Intestinal Permeability Assessment is a powerful noninvasive gastrointestinal test assessment of small intestinal absorption and barrier function
  • The small intestine uniquely functions as a digestive/absorptive organ for nutrients as well as a powerful immune and mechanical barrier against excessive absorption of bacteria, food antigens, and other macromolecules.
  • Both malabsorption and increased intestinal permeability (“leaky gut”) are associated with chronic gastrointestinal imbalances as well as many systemic disorders.

Increased intestinal permeability (leaky gut) of the small intestine can:

  • Increase the number of foreign compounds entering the bloodstream
  • Allow bacterial antigens capable of cross-reacting with host tissue to enter the bloodstream, leading to auto-immune processes
  • Enhance the uptake of toxic compounds that can overwhelm the liver detoxification system and lead to an overly sensitized immune system

You can order the test, Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis with or without Parasitology. The Test with Parasitology is the most Comprehensive Assessment of the type of Parasites living in your Gut and What Type of Intervention is most effective

For the Comprehensive Digestive Analysis, you need to discontinue taking probiotics for 14 days before beginning the test.

For the Intestinal Permeability Assessment you will receive detailed written instructions with your test kit on what to do the day before and the day of the test.

The test is done in the privacy of your home and picked up by Fed Ex.  After you implement the program designed for our body and lifestyle,  there is periodic re testing to assess your progress