When I first met with Christine Rosche in May I was having severe digestive symptoms that included sudden unexpected loose bowel movements when eating in restaurants or at home. I was having maldigestion, weakness, and nausea.
I had met with many physicians and specialists and did not receive any help in understanding what was causing my distress or any useful suggestions about how to treat my symptoms.
Christine Rosche first focused on an elimination food plan where I was able to identify the types of foods I could tolerate and which I could not absorb or digest.
She performed a thorough educational/nutrition counseling program to tell me which foods cause inflammation and digestive issues, which I could eat and what to avoid, including gluten and dairy products.
I learned much about how to prepare tasty, healthy balanced meals that I could enjoy and tolerate well over time.
Christine helped me to reduce my inflammation and maldigestion with very good results
I did a functional stool test and learned that I had high inflammation levels, a seriously out-of-balance microbiome, and a dysbiotic, bad microbe that was at the root cause of my severe symptoms
In just 4 short months, Christine identified the root causes of my loose bowels. She worked with a chef we hired to prepare tasty meals I could enjoy without getting ill after eating them.
I also took a micronutrient blood test to show me which vitamins/minerals and micronutrients/amino acids I needed for optimal energy, vitality and health
Four  months later my diarrhea is mostly gone and I am able to eat a much greater variety of foods. I can once again enjoy.eating in restaurants if I am careful about my choices, and am now able to eat more of  my favorite foods without incident. My weakness and nausea is mostly gone and my digestion is working better than it has for a long time.
I can highly recommend Christine Rosche and the Digestive Health Center to anyone who needs to understand their digestive issues and get workable, lasting results
EB – Menlo Park, Calfiornia, USA
I have had Gastric Reflux and Heartburn after meals for the past 10 years and have been in much discomfort each day, taking several medications
Within  3 months of the Gut Health Check and working with Christine Rosche
and her medical team I was able to taper off the drugs gradually and am now pain free!
I am enjoying each day feeling great and eating the foods I love, without gas, bloating or heartburn.
I highly recommend this approach to anyone who has Reflux or Heartburn
Linda M,  San Jose, California USA
I have been suffering from constipation for over 30 years
Within 4 weeks of working with Christine Rosche’s custom protocols and the Gut Health Check, I now have regular bowel movements several times a day with Ease.
I love the simple, effective approach to Gut Health of Christine Rosche and Digestive Health Center
Claire H. Monterey, California USA
Before working with Digestive Health Center, Christine Rosche,  I had diarrhea, maldigestion, and an upset stomach several times a week.  I had daily cramps and was catching colds/flus several times each winter.
I appreciate the thorough and comprehensive Functional Medicine approach of Christine Rosche to assess the root causes of my digestive concerns and set me up a with a nutrition and lifestyle change plan that works for my unique body chemistry and lifestyle
After just 3 months,  I experienced a significant improvement in my symptoms with lasting changes in my health.
My diarrhea and upset stomach are gone and I am regular each day, feel good
Now, just 6 months later,  I feel great with significant increase in energy levels, mood and productivity each day
Most importantly I received a Gut Immune Boosting protocol which is making a significant difference in my staying healthy this winter, even when others around me are ill with colds and viruses..
I recommend Digestive Health Center highly to anyone looking to discover the root causes of their health issues and achieve lasting results in health.
S.H.  Cardiff, CA

Before connecting with Christine I struggled with irregular bowel movements, low energy, and high anxiety levels. I never knew when my next bowel movement would be, causing increased anxiety at social events. My workouts were suffering, my social life was suffering, and my freedom was suffering.

I then listened to Christine’s interview on a podcast and decided to reach out and have been working together ever since. I was eager to change my life so I most definitely was a super-needy patient at first but Christine was patient with me. We immediately began testing my stools, blood  and gut microbiome and Christine swiftly took action based on my results.

Christine specializes in functional health digestive health addressing the root cause of your concerns.

I even saw amazing results from Day 1 of working with Christine. From the very beginning, she had me make some dietary adjustments that immediately changed my life. My bowel movements are close to perfectly regular, my energy levels are through the roof, and I no longer spend my time worrying about my next bowel movement

We are almost two months into working together and my results are already incredible!

Over a period of 8 weeks I am experiencing 95 percent improvement of my presenting issues.    Christine has taught me that healing your gut is a process and requires customized protocols with supervised implementation and monitoring to see how you respond.

I will be forever grateful for Christine’s wealth of knowledge and what she has done for me. She truly cares about the health and well-being of her clients.

D.B. Philadelphia, PA
I am thrilled with the results of my work with Christine Rosche!
She specializes in functional digestive and blood testing and showed me which “root cause” issues were causing my behaviors and health concerns.  I have been to many specialists and have not been able to uncover the causes of my eating, weight, stress and digestive issues.  Working with her I received a customized nutrition plan for my unique body type and chemistry that I love and what I eat tastes great.
Through her excellent digestive health suggestions,  Light Living expert guidance,  I have been able to make permanent life-style changes, regarding my digestive issues, stress, food choices and eating behaviors.
I used to go out to restaurants often. I drank wine every evening, and I always ate a lot of starch and desserts. Now, I enjoy cooking lighter, healthy meals at home, and instead of feeling deprived, I feel satisfied and healthy! In the past few months, I have lost the 25 pounds that I wanted to lose, and I couldn’t be happier!
Elaine Sohier Gayler
Sebastopol, California
October 27, 2020

When I began working with Digestive Health Center, Christine Rosche, date Jan 2019, I had the following symptoms that would not resolve.

  • Constant Gas and Bloating, specifically a lot of gas by morning and disturbed sleep because of that.
  • Highly Acidic and uncomfortable bowel movements

I was impressed by the thoroughness and specificity of the Comprehensive Microbiome Test I could do in the privacy of my home and picked up from my home.

The results showed that I was missing critical enzymes and bacteria to digest and absorb my food and make anti-inflammation factors to protect my health.

I learned that I have imbalances in the gut such as yeast and that I needed to focus on a nutritional plan to support all aspects of my health.

After just six months of working with Christine Rosche, my symptoms have improved significantly and I am now feeling more energized, productive, and focused.

Today, almost 16 months later I am enjoying optimal health, productivity, and performance.

I highly recommend Christine Rosche and Digestive Health Center for anyone that wants to improve their health, productivity, and performance.

Rahul Goyal

June 1st 2020

Phoenix, AZ

To Whom It May Concern:
When I began working with Digestive Health Center/Christine Rosche I had much abdominal bloating at a 8 or 9 out of 10, 10 being the most severe and soft, floating stools
I was extremely concerned about autoimmune disease as it runs in my family and know that the root cause is related to gut and dental health
I want to be preventative about my health and catch any issues before they become too bad.   The results of my Comprehensive Digestive Microbiome Analysis showed that I have imbalance flora, not enough of the good bacteria to digest my food, manufacture vitamins, ferment fibers and make anti inflammatory factors.
I also had many yeast, blastocystis species and low gut immunity. I was not digesting and absorbing my fats
I highly recommend the thorough, detailed intake and work with Digestive Health Center, including identifying the root causes and prevention of disease through timely functional testing.
After only two months on the customized probiotic supplements with digestive enzymes, my bloating and discomfort is now reduced to a  1 from a 8 or 9 with the number 10 being the maximum discomfort
Despite my busy travel schedule Christine Rosche recommended the best options to stay on track with nutrition and lifestyle changes that fits for my work and personal life.
I highly recommend this highly effective, short term,  customized functional approach to testing and gut health by Digestive Health Center to anyone who wants to address the root cause and achieve optimal health
Mesa, Arizona

When I began working with Christine Rosche in September 2019 I had severe migraine headaches, sore throats, acid reflux, gas, bloating and fullness, pain in joints and chronic fatigue.  Recovering from Lyme disease and Stage IIIC Melanoma (metastic skin cancer),  I reached out to Digestive Health Center to heal my gut.
Now only 2 months later my energy level is much higher, my bloating/pain and heartburn is 90 percent relieved and I am regaining my health and immune system.   The last migraine was 2 weeks ago and my fiancee is thrilled with the results he is seeing in such a short period of time.
When I began working with Christine I was eating foods that increased my inflammation and lowered my immunity, sugar and refined, processed foods. (Actually, I was eating gluten free grains, but discovered that even those irritated my digestion and caused headaches.  I was eating very few processed foods or sugar, but discovered that even a small amount was damaging to my health).  With her help I was able to quickly replace those foods with nourishing, whole foods that supported every part of my health.
From the functional digestive stool test I learned that I do not have adequate beneficial bacteria to digest and absorb my food, nor make anti tumor and anti inflammatory factors.  The test indicated that I need assistance with pancreatic enzymes and fat digestion enzymes.  I had malabsorption and maldigestion – my whole body was affected, especially my immune system
I appreciate the thorough, integrative approach that Christine uses to assist me toward optimal health.  The process was difficult at first.  But with practice and research, became easy to implement.   The support calls are invaluable.   I was able to turn a cold around for the first time in years last week.
Christine focused on every aspect of my health and lifestyle with recommendations that led to lasting results in a short period of time
I highly recommend this approach to anyone looking to heal their digestive system and improve their health
N.B.   Lomita, CA

I began working with Christine Rosche/Digestive Health Center in October of 2016.
I appreciate the thorough approach to evaluate and customize my nutritional status and assess my complete microbiome, digestion, absorption, elimination and inflammation
On my digestive test I found out that I have a dysbiotic, bad bacteria that was sending inflammation into every area of my body.  I had yeast overgrowth and my digestive Immune System was very low.  My microbiome was deficient in the bacteria I needed to digest and absorb my food and make anti inflammatory factors
After only 6 months of working with Christine I have seen remarkable improvements in my digestion and my nutrition, increased energy levels and overall improved health
My follow up Digestive Test showed that after using a customized natural anti-microbial the Klebsiella dysbiotic bacteria is gone and my immune system in my gut has doubled and is now normal
I had daily cramping pain and diarrhea for many months. Christine’s approach helped me to now be free of pain and have normal bowel movements after only 3 months.
I highly recommend the functional approach to nutrition and digestive health to anyone looking for lasting results, addressing the root cause.
Lancaster, CA

Dear Christine

On October 9, it will be six months on my customized nutrition plan and probiotics, along with customized antimicrobial natural agents for my gut.

I am enjoying the food I am eating and it is easy to eat this eat this way.

I do not feel like I am on a “diet”

The physical results I’m experiencing are excellent.

  1. The itching on my skin, scalp, arms and legs has gone
  2. The red patches of psoriasis on my legs and arms have greatly reduced.
  3. I’ve lost 20 lbs, not intended, but a nice side effect.
  4. My energy has increase

Many thanks for leading me down this path, it has changed my health for the rest of my life.

With gratitude,

Geoff Ainscow, Sunnyvale, California

“I have suffered with chronic fatigue, severe brain fog and debilitating connective tissue pain for 11 years which required being in bed for days, several times a month.
When I met Christine Rosche at Digestive Health Center I was taking muscle relaxants to sleep every night and to deal with my discomfort, as well as a medication for Raynauds Disease.
Despite the medication I was experiencing debilitating pain, sleep and fatigue issues
For the past 11 years I have tried many therapies without lasting results including chiropractic, dry needeling, PT, TENS unit and CBD oil and could not get relief
I took the comprehensive microbiome analysis with Christine which is my personal microbial fingerprint and discovered critical imbalances in my microbiome which was at the “Root Cause” of my issues.
Christine’s 25 years background and multi-disciplinary approach  with a customized nutrition/supplement plan where I eliminated dairy products and starches/fruit have led to remarkable results
After two months of integrating the approach Christine recommended, I am now free of discomfort, experience significant improvement in my sleep and pain levels -I am now a 1-2 in discomfort level, before I was a 9 out of 10, where 10 is the most severe.
By brain fog and fatigue are no longer an issue and my sleep is great
I no longer have to take 3 hour naps each day. I have been able to discontinue the muscle relaxants and the medication for Raynauds
I highly recommend the thorough, comprehensive, integrated approach of Digestive Health Center/Christine Rosche for lasting results in your health”
Sarah Osborne, Winchester, VA

Dear Christine

I have been having serious digestive issues, acid reflux and abdominal discomfort for 4 number of years. I have been to see many health care providers with no lasting results and came to your office one month ago to find a solution to my health crisis

Thank you for the comprehensive, integrated approach of Digestive Health Center and Light Living Weight Loss Program

Read the entire testimonial from Chiraag Aval

I first met Christine Rosche of Digestive Health Center at a lecture she gave at Silicon Valley Health Institute in Palo Alto
I was interested in finding out more about my Microbiome and identify the Root Cause of the digestive issues I have had for a long time
Through the functional comprehensive Digestive In home test,  I discovered that I have an overgrowth of bad, dysbiotic bacteria in my intestines along with a deficiency of the bacteria I need to digest and absorb the nutrients from my food.  These critical bacteria to reduce inflammation and improve my assimilation were missing in my gut. I also had issues with my gut immune system.
I learned that I have  a permeable intestinal lining,
I had issues with my weight and was not feeling well.  I was seeking a solution and unable to find one for my persistent pain and abdominal bloating, despite visits to doctors
After only 4 sessions with Christine Rosche of Digestive Health Center, we identified the Root Cause Issues.
Christine provided a customized nutrition and supplement plan based on my unique body chemistry and lifestyle
Within one month my bloating and stomach pain decreased by 75%.
I learned what I needed for optimal digestion, absorption and elimination and the healing of my gut lining.
I feel more calm and improvements in all aspects of my health
Christine Rosche and Digestive Health Center provides excellent customer service.   I receive prompt answers to my health questions very soon after I ask them.
The supplements and nutrition plan are easy to implement and produce lasting results
I highly recommend this approach of functional digestive testing to assess your microbiome, then a customized nutrition and supplement plan for your unique body chemistry and health history.
Los Gatos, California

Dear Christine,

I want to thank you for the remarkable results I am experiencing with my headaches, incapacitating migraines, which I have had for 20 plus years on a regular basis

After just 4 short weeks of the functional nutrition therapy combined with medical biofeedback therapy, autogenic training and targeted supplements, I am experiencing an 80 percent reduction in my migraine headaches.

I appreciate your thorough evaluation of my history using the functional approach and the customized blood and stool testing

The test results revealed that I have a high level of inflammation in my body, significant adrenal, digestive – bacterial overgrowth and dehydration issues, and was eating the foods that led to weight gain, especially around my waist.

In just 4 short weeks with your customized nutrition plan I lost 2.5 months worth of body fat around my waist and I feel great

I highly recommend this functional nutrition/functional assessment and testing approach for anyone interested in lasting results in their health and their weight.


G.H. San Jose, California

Dear Christine

I have had chronic abdominal pain, bloating, indigestion, insomnia and for many years and have seen many health care providers with no lasting results

After just 3 short months I am experiencing significant relief and positive changes in my symptoms, my bloating which was an 8-10 on a scale of 10 is now a 2

Through the integrative and functional approach you use I have discovered the Root, underlying cause of my health concerns.  I value the customized, personalized evaluation of my nutrition and supplements needs, all tailored to my unique body chemistry.

Thank you for the thorough evaluation, blood and stool testing to identify the Root Causes of severe bacterial overgrowth and yeast in my digestive system and inflammation all over my body.  Due to the lack of good bacteria I was unable to digest and absorb my nutrients and suffered from nutrient deficiencies which you are helping me correct

My energy is better, my joint pain and insomnia has decreased

I highly recommend Christine Rosche and the Digestive Center to anyone who

is looking for lasting changes in their health and identifying the Root Cause of the health issues

Lorena Aparicio, Fremont, California

My mother, age 89, had been having daily severe diarrhea,resultant weakness, severe lethargy.
This started in November of 2017, when she unfortunately changed statins and we think had an allergic reaction to the new statin.  She went for 7 months with such severe diarrhea that she could not carry on her normal daily activities.  She went to her doctor who tested her and told  her that her results were normal, that there was nothing wrong with her
 The daily diarrhea continued to worsen.  She tried many different foods and was given an anti-diarrheal diet by the doctor but she just continued to get sicker and sicker.  We now know that during this time she was not digesting or absorbing her food and that the diet she was given by her doctor did not help.
I was desperate to find help for my mother.  I heard about Digestive Health Center/ Christine Rosche, MPH, CNS, CBT  online through the Optimal Performance Podcast where she was a guest speaker.
Christine specializes in Functional Digestive Testing and customized nutrition and supplement protocols based on the unique chemistry and test results of each client.
Her center is focused on the principles of Functional- Root Cause- Medicine and she collaborates with functional medicine doctors at her clinic.
  After a 3 day in home Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis which showed severe microbial bacterial dybiosis – overgrowth of bad bacteria, intestinal permeability and severe inflammation in her large intestine we met for one phone visit with Christine Rosche who was able to identify the Root Cause of my mother’s diarrhea.
Within one week of implementing the new nutrition protocol that Christine recommended, the diarrhea was reduced by 50 percent.  After 2 weeks of taking the appropriate probiotic and microbial strains her diarrhea stopped.  Her intestinal permeability is now being addressed with nutrition and natural methods.
Christine Rosche was able to match the probiotic strain my mother needed to heal the severe microbial overgrowth and reduce the inflammation in her large intestine

My mother feels renewed strength, hope and energy, is digesting and absorbing her food for the first time in months, and feels great.  She has resumed gardening and physical activities she has not been able to do this past year.

I am grateful to Digestive Health Center/Christine Rosche for helping to restore my mother’s health. I know without a doubt that we could not have gotten these results without the dedication, caring and customized approach that we found with Christine Rosche.   We are even heading off on a mother/daughter golf trip next month!

I highly recommend the Comprehensive Gut Testing and the functional medicine approach of Digestive Health Center/Christine Rosche, MPH,CNS,CBT
for anyone suffering with digestive issues.

CB, Denver, Colorado

When I met Christine Rosche, Digestive Health Expert and Functional Nutrition practitioner, I had been struggling with a multitude of physical and mental health problems that left me feeling hopeless and depressed.  For over 10 years, I experienced gut health issues including food sensitivities, fluctuating diarrhea/constipation, gas, and extreme bloating. The most troubling symptoms for me were the brain fog, mood swings, and depression – all of which left me feeling fatigued on a daily basis. I had no energy or excitement for life as a young 20 year old.

I worked with many different “gut health experts,” but did not find relief. I decided to take my health into my own hands and made it my full time job to study holistic health and nutrition, trying different diets and homeopathic remedies. After cutting out many inflammatory foods and trying various supplements, I started to feel better but my symptoms persisted and I knew I needed a skilled practitioner to aid me in my healing process.

I decided to move to California to focus intently on my health and hopefully find a supportive, understanding practitioner with advanced and evidence based knowledge in the field. It was an absolute blessing to meet Christine and experience her approach which is unique, very comprehensive, customized and evidence based.

After more than a decade of suffering, I began to finally have faith that I could heal, and start living the life I had always dreamed.

Christine’s thorough integrative approach and 25 years of experience supported me to uncover the core issues in a remarkably short time.  The functional testing results pointed the way to an evidence based, customized approach along with the best of European biological remedies and supplements. Christine’s background includes work and extensive study in Europe.

Christine is hands down the best functional medicine/nutrition practitioner I have ever met. She has helped me heal on a deep level, providing the emotional support I needed when feeling low and giving me hope that things would improve. She has been fully dedicated to my health journey and always available when I need her. I cannot express my gratitude for her professionalism and ability to manage my complicated health case.

I am thrilled to report that after just 3 months, I feel better than I can ever remember. I feel like a kid again, with high energy levels and a deep appreciation for life because of how healthy I feel in my own body. I wake up with energy and no longer experience intense mood swings that leave me drained and wanting to retreat from life. I can finally concentrate again and don’t have to try explaining to people what “brain fog” is and how it impacts my ability to function on a daily basis. I never imagined I could experience these results, and my friends and family have noticed a drastic change in me.

Erin Conroy, Redwood City, CA

When I first began working with Christine Rosche/Light Living Program,
I wanted to figure out how to rev up my metabolism and fight fat/pounds with the right balance of foods throughout the day.

I have a history of severe heartburn, bloating, water retention, constipation, acne and swelling of joints and I was addicted to diet soda.

I was working out 4-5 times per week consistently and had tried many nutrition and lifestyle changes with no lasting results.

Christine Rosche does incredible work with functional digestive analysis, which showed me the root causes of my digestive and health issues.  I discovered that I have severe bacterial overgrowth in my digestive tract and high levels of gut inflammation.

Christine works with functional medicine physicians, the latest research and cutting edge therapies that produce permanent results.

In just 4 weeks, I found the underlying cause for my weight loss resistance, blood sugar irregularities and digestive issues.

So far, I have lost some weight and my digestive issues are beginning to resolve with the help of Christine’s guidance and natural methods.

Through consistency, self-discipline and willingness to adjust habits and food choices, I am hopeful for the first time in a long time, about reaching my goals.

Most importantly, Christine brings 25 years of experience and is like a health detective, able to identify the core issues, root causes and produce lasting results.

I appreciate her conservative approach with supplementation, giving me only the minimum, to set me on the right path to achieving my health and weight loss goals.

I highly recommend Light Living and Christine Rosche’s practice to anyone who has digestive issues, heartburn and weight concerns.  I was excited to see changes in a short period of time.

Heidi S. , San Jose, CA

In October 2014 I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  I asked my gastroenterologist for a referral to a nutritionist.  I wanted to learn how to maintain a healthy gluten free diet.  He did not have anyone to recommend and said that the medical group did not have nutritionists on staff.  Additionally, even though I had removed gluten from my diet, I still wasn’t feeling well.

I searched for a nutritionist on Yelp and found Christine Rosche at Light Living Program.  She immediately ordered comprehensive tests to assess my functional digestive health.  After doing blood, urine and stool tests it was clear I had more issues than just Celiac Disease.  I had high inflammation 961 ng/mL Lysozyme and 21.1 g/mL Lactoferrin.  I had a dysbiotic flora.  I also had no growth of the beneficial flora lactobacillus.  These are all things for which my gastroenterologist never tested.  Due to the Celiac Disease my immune system secretory IgA was very high at 1900 mg/dL.

Christine recommended a thorough, customized nutrition program tailored to my unique test results and body chemistry.  She recommended number of enzymes and supplements.

She also introduced me to a great chef who came to my house to teach me how to make paleo autoimmune diet based meals.  I, additionally, found another gastroenterologist at my medical group who knew a bit more about functional medicine and she tested me for SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth).  I tested positive.  The gastroenterologist recommended I follow the low FODMAP diet and she also prescribed an antibiotic Rifaximin to eliminate the SIBO.

I followed, for almost a year, very diligently, both Christine and the gastroenterologist’s dietary recommendations and lifestyle changes.

Christine gave me the functional digestive follow up tests one year later.  Both to her and my amazement the results were markedly improved.  My inflammation was very low at 16 ng/mL Lysozyme and less than 0.5 g/mL Lactoferrin.  Also my immune system secretory IgA was 16.6 mg/dL (still outside the normal range but this time for being too low).  Also the dysbiotic flora was gone.  Christine said it usually takes years, not just one, to see this turnaround in results.

An endoscopy 3 weeks ago showed amazingly good news.  The biopsy from my duodenum showed no sign of Celiac damage.  It looks completely healthy and there is no sign of any damage in the areas of the duodenum the doctor looked at.

Combining Christine’s many years of experience in digestive functional health with my gastroenterologist’s diagnostic and traditional treatments were the key to my speedy recovery.  If you have any digestive issues your gastroenterologist can’t seem to cure you of,  you owe it to yourself to work with Christine Rosche who has 25 years of experiencing to ensure you are addressing the underlying causes and working with your issues at all levels.  I highly recommend Christine for her commitment to helping to integrate conventional and functional models of health care.

Michael C.San Jose, CA

When I first began working with Christine Rosche, MPH,CNS,CBT, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Biofeedback Therapist 2 month ago in May of 2016.

I was dealing with chronic constipation/digestive issues, sleep and focus/memory issues, significant anxiety, pain in my right side —-and inflammation issues. I had tried many approaches with no lasting results. Christine’s extensive background in evidence based functional nutrition and skills to identify the core/root issues of my long standing constipation resulted in a complete resolve of my digestive issues in just 4 short weeks. I learned how the foods I was eating contributed to inflammation and digestive issues. I received a customized diet that works for my unique body chemistry and lifestyle needs. I love what I am eating, am not on a diet and am continuing to experience great results each week. The Biofeedback Therapy and Stress Management Counseling has produced dramatic results in just 8 weeks.

Job Performance and Communication at work is improved significantly. Before I was out of control, now I am in control and improving every day in my personal and professional life.

My anxiety and sleep issues have resolved and I have great job and family success! Christine’s approach is integrative and combines the best of all modalities in a thorough, evidence based approach. She is like a detective, getting to the core issues very quickly and helping me resolve them permanently, without dieting or deprivation.

I recommend her multi faceted, evidence based cutting edge approach to anyone who is ready to make lasting changes in their health and lifestyle and is ready for permanent results.

Randy O. on August 1, 2016

I was introduced to Christine’s Light Living Program by a friend who knew that she was a digestive specialist. I had been diagnosed as having Gastritis and could not figure out how to stop burping and passing gas. I tried changing my diet, but nothing was working for me.

Christine’s integrative approach included a comprehensive digestive analysis and functional blood chemistry testing – these cost effective tests show you how your body functions and assess markers that are not part of standard laboratory testing – the focus is on prevention and assessment before you have a serious illness.

At my first office visit with Christine, I was shocked to find out that I had some major health ‘RED FLAGS’: Major Inflammation, High Uric Acid (pre Gout), very close to pre-diabetic, low potassium, high sodium, low protein, GGT (Liver Enzymes too high), High Cholesterol, High Triglycerides, Thyroid issues and high levels of bad bacteria in my large intestine. These flashing yellow and red markers were motivation for me to make dietary and lifestyle changes.

I began the Light Living Program which included customized nutritional counseling, supplements, listening to MP3 tapes and completing chapters in a workbook. It was challenging to implement a complete lifestyle change, but the program worked for me. The results have been fantastic and rewarding.

I just kept telling myself – it’s not about losing weight, it’s about getting healthy. I felt lighter and healthier than ever before and enjoy my new way of eating. 9 months later follow up testing confirmed significant results – I’ve lost 30 pounds and have kept it off for the first time in my life! I reduced inflammation in my body by 50%. Most every marker on the tests showed significant improvement.

I have reduced my sweet cravings and watch what I eat. I prepare my own meals using organic ingredients. I plan ahead and take food with me when visiting friends or family. Some family members have been watching my results and are beginning their own process of eating healthier. I have mastered staying on track while going out to eat and during social occasions.

I highly recommend this program to anyone who is ready to address the root causes of their health, digestive, eating and lifestyle issues and wants to make lasting changes.

If I can succeed, you can too!

Diane W. on July 11, 2016

When my daughter and I first met Christine Rosche and were introduced to the Light Living Program, Hannah had 70 lbs to lose. My daughter had tried many approaches with no lasting results. She was an emotional eater, was eating large portions, her appetite was out of control, and she consumed carbs/processed foods while away at college. Compounding the issue for my daughter was the fact that she was pre-diabetic, had significant digestive and other health issues and was on antacids, and many medications (in fact a large freezer bag full) with no permanent results.

Christine’s background of 25 years working side by side with functional medicine physicians to address the root causes of eating, digestive, and weight issues was exactly what we had been searching for.

The Light Living Program is an integrative, holistic approach to healthy eating and lifestyle changes. Through functional testing and the physicians consults we are now on track for the first time in 15 years! My daughter’s core health issues of metabolic syndrome, digestive issues and blood sugar/hormonal imbalances are being addressed and resolved. There now is no large baggie of medications, and my daughter feel the best she has ever felt in her entire life. My daughter is working hard to establish a new lifestyle and eating habits, and is continuing to lose weight.

This integrative holistic approach includes proven, evidence based modalities that have worked for us. The program is customized to my daughter’s unique body chemistry and metabolic needs. We are truly very pleased with Christine’s approach utilizing the best of nutrition and psychology to help our daughter achieve her goals.

Christine’s ability to translate complex laboratory tests and medical information, communication skills and organizing of the appropriate health care team has made a major difference and is very valuable to our family.

The dedication and focus which Christine brings is instrumental in or daughter’s success. We highly recommend this program to anyone who wants lasting, cost effective health and weight loss solutions, especially when dealing with complex medical conditions.

Barbara V. on July 4, 2016

Christine Rosche is a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Digestive Health Expert and patient advocate with 25 years experience in the field. Christine was able to in a very short amount of time uncover and identify the underlying imbalances that led to my digestive and other issues. I started working with Christine Rosche upon referral from my MD after my digestive system had been severely compromised by antiviral medications and proton pump inhibitors. I was having trouble absorbing nutrients, had earlier become anemic, and my immune system was, at best, fragile.While digestive problems usually tend to mend slowly, the turnaround under her guidance was amazing. My vitality and health improved immensely and for the first time in decades, my nails didn’t break at the least opportunity. Even though my diet was relatively good to begin with, under her guidance it improved considerably with protein and supplements adequate to support the high level of running and biking that I enjoy. A regime of probiotics balanced out the dysbiotic flora in my intestinal tract, and together with other supplements, greatly improved my absorption of nutrients, substantially reduced inflammation in my body, and supported healing. I still go back to see her occasionally for diet or supplement adjustments as part of ongoing evaluation.When my optometrist scans my retina, he comments that my vascular system, as revealed by the blood supply of the retina, is that of someone 40 years younger–one effect of proper diet and consequently reduced inflammation.

Her support around general health issues also led to her spotting an article on the use of glutathione to eliminate vocal cord polyps and suggesting it to me as an aid to combating laryngeal papillomatosis–a condition that was requiring surgery every six months. While the jury is still out on whether its enough to make my immune system kick the papilloma for good, it’s at least doubling the time to surgery and that was with giving the papilloma a three-month head start before taking the supplement. Her referral to an MD who specializes in such treatments and has developed an improved form of the supplement was also key in this process.

I am immensely grateful to Christine and heartily recommend her to others who are dealing with digestive issues, who need expert advocacy in any type of health issue, or who want to get expert advice on how to improve their nutritional status. Her blend of extensive clinical skills and 25 years of experience put her on the cutting edge of her field.

Guillaume S.,Redwood City, CA

I recently took Christine’s 12 week Light Living Program and learned so much from her.   When I met Christine I was eating white flour and white sugar products late in the evening and going to bed at 2 am.

I had done countless number of weight loss programs in the past only to regain the weight  – with no lasting results.

This approach taught me the best foods to eat for my unique metabolic body type.
Christine customized the supplements I needed for optimal weight loss. I was not absorbing nor digesting my food properly.  Due to high stress, I was binging on the wrong foods and malnourished by not eating what my body needed.

In just 6 weeks, I have lost about 6 pounds (a healthy 1-2 lb weight loss/week) and my energy has doubled.
I especially appreciate Christine’s approach based on 25 years experience and the functional testing she does.

She is able to determine which issues are the root cause of my persistent weight gain, no matter what i ate or did with exercise.

With guided imagery and daily stress reduction I was able to lower my cortisol, replenish my energy and I feel great!

The Light Living Pre Meal shakes help me to cleanse my liver, cut all cravings within 24 hours and balance my blood sugar

I highly recommend this integrative approach.  I am losing weight each day without dieting or deprivation and keeping it off.

This approach is for anyone that wants lasting results!

Josephine H., Campbell, CA