Your test kit includes everything you need to complete the test in the privacy of your home

The test is a complete picture of how your digestive system is functioning and what needs to be done to help you achieve lasting results with your digestion and your health

 Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis includes:

  • Expected/Beneficial Flora
  • Complete Microbiology/Bacteriology Culture
  • Commensal/Imbalanced Flora
  • Dysbiotic Flora
  • Yeast Culture and Microscopic Yeast
  • Comprehensive Parasitology/Microscopy
  • Giardia/Cryptosporidium Immunoassay
  • Digestion/Absorption Markers – Elastase, Fat Stains, Muscle Fibers, Vegetable Fibers, Carbohydrates
  • Inflammation Markers
  • Lactoferrin, Calprotectin, Lysozyme, White Blood Cells, Mucus
  • Secretory IgA
  • Short Chain Fatty Acids, including Butyrate and Total SCFA’s
  • Intestinal Health Markers – Red Blood Cells, Ph, Occult Blood
  • Complete Bacterial Susceptibility Assays for Natural Antibacterials and Prescriptive Agents


It takes 14 business days from the time Doctor’s Data Laboratories receives your results

The test provides a state of the art functional assessment of your digestive system including complete bacteriology, mycology, yeast culture, digestion  and absorption markers, inflammation markers, Immunology (SIG A) Assessment, Short Chain Fatty Acids and all Intestinal Health Markers including Occult Blood

You can order the test, Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis with or without Parasitology. The Test with Parasitology is the most Comprehensive Assessment of the type of Parasites living in your Gut and What Type of Intervention is most effective

The test is done in the privacy of your home and picked up by Fed Ex.  After you implement the program designed for our body and lifestyle,  there is periodic re testing to assess your progress